How to Check Google Group Members

The District provides a number of EMail groups that are pre-populated for your use. All district staff can also view the current members of each of those groups.

  • Login to your GMail account
  • Click on Browse all

Two Ways to find a group:

  1. Scroll down - There are many groups so you may need to scroll down to find the one you are looking for. Click on the name of the group for which you would like to see the members.
  2. Search - You may also search for a building in the search bar. Type in the initials for the building (DES, SMS, WHS, etc.) or something that you think would be in the group name and wait for the drop-down options to show up. You will get a few results. If the one you want is displayed, click its name. If not, click “Search for groups name '***'” to expand the search results and see all groups for that building.
  • Once you've found the group, click on it to open more info.
  • Click on "Members" or "You may view the list of members for this group".
  • If these options are not available, the group membership list is not available for viewing, please submit an IT WorkOrder if you need access to this list.