RFP 24001 - Client Devices

Fort Zumwalt RFP 24001 - Client Devices is a project to replace a portion of the district's end user compute devices.

RFP 24001 - Bid Closed

The following vendors submitted a bid response for RFP 24001 within the designated window:

Thanks for your responses.  All bid documentation will be reviewed, and a recommendation will be considered by the FZ Board of Education.

RFP Documentation for download


Important Dates to Know

RFP Issue Date - January 17, 2024

RFP Inquiries Due - 3:00pm (CST)  February 2, 2024

All Questions will be answered on this page by - 3:00pm (CST)  February 6, 2024

RFP Submissions Due - 2:00pm (CST)  February 9, 2024

Board of Education Meeting for approval - February 19, 2024

Questions and Answers

All questions must be submitted in writing to technologybids@fz.k12.mo.us.  Questions through phone calls and messages to other accounts will not be accepted.

Q: Chromebooks and Tough Chromebooks:  The Tech Requirements list an 8GB/32GB configuration. Are you set on that specific combination?

A: These specifications reflect the minimum requirements in each category.  If there is a combination that provides more than listed, that is ok as long as they are at or above the minimum listed.

Q: Chromebooks and Tough Chromebooks:  Is an Intel chipset a requirement?

A: It is required within a vendor's base bid to provide pricing for the specifcations listed.  If a vendor wishes to provide an alternate bid that would provide a high quality option for competitive pricing, that would be advantageous to the district, they may submit that for review as a separate response.  The review committee will examine each bid separately and on its own merits.

Q: Chromebooks and Tough Chromebooks:  Are dual USB-C ports a requirement?  Is a single USB-C acceptable?

A: After further review, it has been determined that a Chromebook with a single USB-C port will be considered acceptable.  However, devices with more than 1 USB-C port will be considered favorably as part of the overall specifications review.

Q: Windows DesktopAre Discrete Graphics required?  Are Integrated Graphics acceptable?

A: Discrete Graphics are required, and must support current versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Q: Shipping numbers for PSE appear blank on Appendix C, what should that total be?

A: 50 Chromebooks, no other devices.

Q: Will Fort Zumwalt School District accept a bid proposal pursuant to terms and conditions of a consortium agreement or an existing statewide agreement in lieu of the terms and conditions in the RFP?

A: No, FZSD is seeking responses that meet the terms and conditions of it's own RFP.