RFP 24003 - Wide Area Network Services

Fort Zumwalt RFP 24003 - Internet Service Provider is a project to determine a Wide Area Network Services Provider for the next 3 years for the district.  This is an ERate Project, listed as FCC Form 470 Application #: 240011965

RFP 24003 - Bid Closed

The following vendors submitted a bid response for RFP 24003 within the designated window:

Thanks for your responses.  All bid documentation will be reviewed, and a recommendation will be considered by the FZ Board of Education.

RFP Documentation for download


Important Dates to Know

RFP Issue Date - January 8, 2024

RFP Inquiry and/or Site Visit Questions Due - 3:00pm (CST)  January 29, 2024

All Questions will be answered on this page by - 3:00pm (CST)  February 2, 2024

RFP Submissions Due - 2:00pm (CST)  February 9, 2024

Board of Education Meeting for approval - February 19, 2024

Questions and Answers

All questions must be submitted in writing to technologybids@fz.k12.mo.us.  Questions through phone calls and messages to other accounts will not be accepted.

Q:  Will you accept proposals that include only some of the locations within your district?

A:  No, FZSD is seeking a single vendor to provide Wide Area Network Services.

Q:  We see that you are asking for a 36-month contract. As some solutions will require significant construction, would the District be open to considering other contract term lengths?

A:  No, at this time FZSD is seeking a 36 month term.

Q:  What is your current topology? (hub-spoke, resilient, etc.)

A:  Current topology is a hub and spoke through the carrier.

Q:  What is your preferred topology for the new WAN? (hub-spoke, resilient, etc.)

A:  FZSD is interested in architectures that would best server the district for the term of the contract.  Hub-spoke is acceptable, other options will be considered during the review process.

Q:  The RFP uses the term "Ethernet service". Would the District be open to alternative (non-Ethernet) transport connectivity that otherwise meets the connectivity needs/requirements?

A:  FZSD is open to optical connections, however the cost of optics necessary for FZSD existing equipment will be a consideration in the total cost of the project during review.

Q:  To ensure we quote compatible optics, please identify the manufacturer and model of the LAN equipment at each location. 

A:  Dell N2k and N3k series switches are currently in use.  If submitting a response using optics, please describe the process necessary to validate connectivity into the future in the event the district replaces network switches within the next 36 months.

Q:  In discussing redundancy, the RFP notes that "one network device will not disrupt service to all district sites". Does this include the "hub" site? 

A:  Network connectivity should continue even if the district datacenter becomes unavailable.

Q:  In discussing installation, does the underground cabling really need to be in 4" conduit, or is there flexibility in that? 

A:  FZSD is open to alternates that are adequate and beneficial to serve district needs.  Bidder may provide alternates with a description of why they are proposing an alternate, the review team will evaluate accordingly.