RFP 24005 - UPS Phase 1

Fort Zumwalt RFP 24005 - UPS Phase 1 is a project to install new UPS Equipment for roughly a quarter of the district's network closets.  This is an ERate Project, listed as FCC Form 470 Application #: 240011986

RFP 24005 - Bid Closed

The following vendors submitted a bid response for RFP 24005 within the designated window:

Thanks for your responses.  All bid documentation will be reviewed, and a recommendation will be considered by the FZ Board of Education.

RFP Documentation for download


Important Dates to Know

RFP Issue Date - January 8, 2024

RFP Inquiry and/or Site Visit Questions Due - 3:00pm (CST)  January 29, 2024

All Questions will be answered on this page by - 3:00pm (CST)  February 2, 2024

RFP Submissions Due - 3:00pm (CST)  February 9, 2024

Board of Education Meeting for approval - February 19, 2024

Questions and Answers

All questions must be submitted in writing to technologybids@fz.k12.mo.us.  Questions through phone calls and messages to other accounts will not be accepted.

Q:  Is the Tripp Lite Smart3000RRM2UN + EBM that in the 4-Post Rack within the East High School 108201 - Telecom Closet – MDF something for which bidders should account?

A:  All UPS' where network equipment is attached should be considered.

Q:  As Dell enables customers to choose the size of the Power Supplies within this category of their Networking technology, what size of Power Supplies did the Fort Zumwalt IT staff choose for the Dell 24-Port and 48-Port Switches?

A:  Dell N2k series switches are configured with Qty 1, 1000 watt power supply.  Dell N3k and N4k series switches are configured with Qty 2, 1100 watt power supplies.  The number of ports does not factor into the specifications for quantity and size of power supplies, only the model number.  All switches are POE capable.

Q:  In areas where the current UPS is set up as a Tower model on the Floor, should bidders expect that the new UPS units will be deployed in the same manner?

A:  Yes, however FZSD is open to recommendations for improved installations if existing space and rack make it possible.

Q:  For Switches deployed in Ceiling mounted enclosures, where does the Fort Zumwalt IT staff envision the UPS units to support those Switches being deployed?

A:  Wall mounted in the nearest feasible location, above ceiling grid.

Q:  In locations where the existing 4-Post Wall mount enclosures have no available U-space for a UPS deployment, where does the Fort Zumwalt IT staff envision the UPS units to support those Switches being deployed?

A:  Tower/Floor installation

Q:  On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the level of importance the software will play on the decision?

A:  Software capabilities will be reviewed within a component of the existing Proposal Evaluation Criteria as documented in section 6.01 of the RFP.

Q:  Our software can be deployed in any of the three platform/versions below does FZSD run any of the below environments?

VMware ESXi 6.7 U2 and above

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7 (64 bit)

Oracle Linux 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7 (64 bit)

A:  FZSD is running VMware ESXi above the minimum listed.

Q:  On RFP Page 9.B. “Management software/hardware that would simplify the management of all equipment.  The ability to make configuration changes and provide updates through a central management console is preferred.” Configuration and Firmware updates to the network management cards for UPS units, either in mass or individually, can be achieved through our software.

Are there other configuration or update expectations from FZSD outside of those?

A:  No.  If your software is capable of other features, it is recommended to list those as optional / available features for review.

Q:  On RFP Page 9.C. “Management software/hardware that can also provide some level of control over existing UPS equipment currently used by FZSD is preferred.” Outlet / bank control for UPS devices can be achieved through our software UI.

 What is the expectation of “control” here?

A:  Ability to manage and deploy configurations, update firmware, and set thresholds for alerts.

Q:  On RFP Page 8. “All equipment must support the use of monitoring through PRTG.” Device network cards support SNMP. Direct monitoring of UPS units in PRTG can be achieved this way. We can treat PRTG as the “manager of managers” by monitoring UPS units with our software and forwarding traps/alerts into PRTG.

We would like to understand how FZSD envisions integration / monitoring with our management software/PRTG/UPS.

A:  As stated in the RFP, FZSD seeks equipment that can be monitored / receive alerting through PRTG.  Additional software capability is a plus, and features related to that software should be documented in your response.

Q:  Does the Fort Zumwalt staff prefer that the bidders provide quotes on VRLA/traditional (lead acid) or Lithium UPS units?

A:  FZSD is interested in options that are most advantageous to the district in both cost and capability.  While functionally Lithium would be preferred, a complete review would be necessary to determine if it is the best overall choice moving forward.  FZSD recommends submitting options as primary and alternate bids in order to fairly evaluate all bidders.